The WI Sustainable Business Council hosted a conference at Epic Systems in December that brought together almost 300 people to learn from business experts.

The Madison Environmental Group performed a comprehensive assessment of the carbon footprint of the first WI Sustainable Business Council Conference.  They looked at individual’s transportation to and from the conference and energy used at the conference.  They concluded that our carbon footprint was 6 tons of carbon.
  We subsequently investigated all highly rated sources for purchasing carbon credits and selected Native Energy.  The total cost for 6 tons of carbon credits was $84 and we directed our purchase to the Des Plaines Landfill Gas project in Illinois.  We hope that others follow our lead in assessing and offsetting the carbon footprint of conferences and events in the future.

Please take a moment to watch the videos from the conference or learn more about our sponsors by clicking on their links.  Navigation in their site might help you get ideas to incorporate sustainability for your own business and/or website for your business.

Welcome by Tom Eggert and Steve Dickmann’s Keynote (video)

Post Election Landscape: Charles Franklin and Art Harrington (video)

What Drives Businesses To Embrace Sustainability: Dan Anderson and Beth Churchill (video)

MillerCoors: Developing a Culture of Sustainability and The Challenge of the Brutal Facts: John Nelson (video)

Green Jobs: Clay Nesler and Joel Rogers (video)


Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value. — Richard Buckminster Fuller

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    WIGreenMasters: Congratulations to @thinkESI, our latest Green Masters Program participant! We love seeing your progress year to year. Welcome back!

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    WIGreenMasters: Congratulations to Aptar, our most recent Green Professional! Check out their sustainability initiatives here:

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    WIGreenMasters: "Two-thirds of the world’s largest companies acknowledging that they are exposed to water-related risks..."