WSBC Mission

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council supports businesses interested in sustainability. The Council hosts annual events that bring business leaders together to exchange best practices, sponsors  programs designed to help businesses measure and track their progress, and prepares reports and  case studies to help guide the sustainability conversation in Wisconsin.

WSBC Vision

We believe that business can lead society toward a future that balances care for the environment, care for people, and economic success.




  1. WIGreenMasters
    WIGreenMasters: SC Johnson becomes first major consumer goods company to disclose product-specific fragrance information to consumers

  2. WIGreenMasters
    WIGreenMasters: @CreamCityRibbon, welcome back to the GreenMastersProgram! Since 2013 you have steadily improved your sustainability performance. Congrats!

  3. WIGreenMasters
    WIGreenMasters: Congratulations to @ResidenceInn for your latest sustainability achievements! We're happy to welcome you back to the Green Masters Program.