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Apply now to the State’s largest and most recognized sustainability recognition program.  The program is free to join and you will become part of a network with over 175 Wisconsin businesses who are establishing credentials in the sustainability area. The application consists of simply a survey of actions that your business has taken in their Wisconsin facilities. To apply today, click here!

We close the survey every year on October 31st in order to calculate the top 20% of program participants. Please visit the participants’ page to view the Green Masters companies for 2014.


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The Green Masters Program is an objective, points-based recognition program that enables Wisconsin institutions of all sizes and from any sector to join a group of like- minded companies that are “on the road to sustainability.” Developed by the WI Sustainable Business Council, in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin, the Green Masters Program helps to recognize Wisconsin’s sustainability leaders and encourage continuous improvement.

We recommend that organizations download the application before applying online. Companies have found that downloading the application helps them to identify different actions they can take to boost their sustainability efforts and ensure that they claim credit for all of the sustainability actions already implemented.

Version 4.0 of the Green Masters application was released in January 2015. A PDF version of the application is available, please complete the short form below to download the application:

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Please take a moment to view the broad cross-section of businesses enrolled in the Green Masters Program. These businesses are all leaders, not only within their sectors, but also within the State. From small service-oriented businesses to large manufacturers, the Green Masters Program recognizes leading businesses in the sustainability area from around the state. Furthermore, all Green Masters participants are ready and willing to help you find a better path towards sustainability. Click here to see all of the participants.

To join the distribution list for information about the WI Sustainable Business Council, please email
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the program or contact Tom Eggert, Executive Director, at or Alana McKeever, Program Director, at





About the Green Masters Program

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