Application Submitted!

Congratulations and thank you for completing your 2020 Green Masters Program application! Your hard work has been recognized and you are now well on your way to becoming more sustainable. 

We process applications in the order they are received and typically within one week. We will email you your company scores and program level information soon. 


If you are a returning applicant and would like to purchase a dashboard, you can purchase one below.

As a way to grow the program, all returning businesses that refer another business will receive a free dashboard ($100 value). The dashboards, available to only current participants, help identify strengths and improvement areas as well as show where competitors are outperforming your accomplishments. The dashboards also reflect changes in your company’s scores over the last three years.







We want to remind you that you can revise and resubmit your application within the same calendar year for free.  If you have previously completed your application and are interested in updating it, email for a link to your application. 


When we welcome your company into the program, you will receive a welcome email that includes a copy of the Green Masters logo and logo use guidelines.

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If you would like to have your company's acceptance into the program to be highlighted on our LinkedIn or Twitter page, please send an email containing your company's logo to


Thank you again, and welcome to a community of businesses (and others) committed to sustainability.