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B Local Wisconsin is a start-up organization that is comprised of various business leaders from the WI Sustainable Business Council (WSBC), other like-minded nonprofit organizations, Certified B Corporations that are located in WI and Wisconsin-based benefit corporations.  We are grateful to the WSBC for hosting our first webpage, as we believe visitors to the WSBC will be interested in our activities.  What to learn more about B Local Wisconsin? Subscribe to the email list or like B Local Wisconsin on Facebook to get updates about news and upcoming events. 


Certified B Corps and benefit corporations are often confused. They share much in common and are complementary, but have a few important differences.  Certified B Corporations and benefit corporations are both leaders of a global movement to use business as a force for good. Both meet higher standards of accountability and transparency. Both create the opportunity to unlock our full human potential and creativity to use the power of business for the higher purpose of solving society's most challenging problems.

Some companies are both incorporated as benefit corporations and certified as B Corporations—others are just one or the other. To learn the key differences please visit benefitcorp.net for more information.

Click to download an article about "Businesses Benefiting Wisconsin –

The Emergence of Certified B Corps and Benefit Corporations"

By Mark Starik, Ph.D., Co-Chair of B Local WI.


Currently, there are only 9 Certified B Corps in Wisconsin.  Interested in learning more? JOIN US to EXPLORE how your business can become the next Certified B Corp in Wisconsin!

Date: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Registration & Networking:  12:15 - 12:45pm

Workshop Time: 1-4pm

Location: Outpost Natural Foods - Bay View

2826 South Kinnickinnic Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53207

Cost:  $10**   (limited seating available)

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Speakers Program:

"The Journey of Certified B Corps & B Local Wisconsin"

Mary Stelletello, Principal, Vista Global Coaching & Consulting

"Just Coffee Cooperative Case Study"
Matt Earley, Co-Founder & Director of Sustainability

"Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative Case Study"
Jessy Servi Ortiz, Sustainability Manager


"Evolution Marketing Case Study"

Lisa Geason-Bauer, President

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**All event proceeds raised go to support the efforts of  B Local WI a member of the Center for Community Stewardship **

Questions about the event please contact Lisa@evolutionmarketing.biz

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B Local Wisconsin Quick Impact Assessment

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Determine how much good your company does for the local economy - and see how you stack up against other businesses in the nation. B Local Wisconsin  is proud to introduce the Quick Impact Assessment, a free online tool to help you 'measure what matters.'

Get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Get a Baseline

Assess how your company performs against dozens of best practices on employee, community, and environmental impact in 30-60 minutes!

Step 2: Compare Your Impact

See how your company stacks up against thousands of other businesses through the Quick Impact Snapshot.

Step 3: Improve Your Impact

Create a plan to improve your company’s practices, and help your staff implement them easily with our Best Practice Guides and Examples.


Want to join this growing movement in Wisconsin please connect with us at:  blocalwisconsin@gmail.com