Morning Keynote Speaker

Tim Wiora – CEO, Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP)

Prior to assuming the Executive Director/CEO for the WMEP in January 2016, Tim Wiora served as the WMEP’s Director of Consulting where he helped the organization grow and generate over $700 million of impact (sales, cost savings, and capital investments) for Wisconsin manufacturers and stakeholders. Tim Wiora worked as a senior administrative program specialist for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to his work at UW-Madison, Wiora was senior manager and practice lead for process and technology optimization at Scientific Commercialization in Madison. Wiora also worked as program manager and strategy consultant for yet another Madison company, Safe Bridge Solutions. In addition, he spent 11 years as associate director of information systems for Kraft Foods in Madison. He also has operated his own information technology consulting operation, Wiora Business & Technical Solutions, which focuses on small and mid-size manufacturers.


WMEP is dedicated to a sustainable future for Wisconsin, making them an ideal host. At the event, attendees will have a chance to hear from WMEP's CEO and speak first hand with industry professionals. This year, the Conference's theme is sustainably forward, in recognition of the transfer of leadership taking place, as Tom Eggert retires and transfers his leadership role over the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council to WMEP.  According to WMEP’s website, "We’re here to help businesses become more competitive. More efficient. More powerful. We’re here to help companies grow, creating more jobs and providing a stable base for their communities."