Transition of Leadership

The current Executive Director has indicated his desire to retire at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. In order to ensure the continuity of the WI Sustainable Business Council, the Green Masters Program, the Annual Conference and other activities of the Council, the board has issued a Request for Proposals to host the WI Sustainable Business Council and to maintain or expand upon its current activities. 


Proposals need to


  1. Describe how the Council would fit within your organization.   

  2. Describe the support (resources, facilities, people and/or financial) that is available within your organization for the Council. 

  3. Indicate how you would provide the services the Council is currently providing.

  4. Include a marked up copy of a Contract that would exist between the two organizations.

If Interested

**Download Required Documents**

If an organization (academic or non-for-profit) is interested in hosting the Council, they should submit a Proposal by April 30th:


Proposals may be submitted to the WI Sustainable Business Council by hard or soft copy (i.e. electronically or via mail) as follows:


For hard-copy Expressions of Interest:


WI Sustainable Business Council

Attn:  Tom Eggert

5810 Idledale Circle

Madison, WI 53711


For soft-copy Expressions of Interest (in pdf format):

(Please include in the Subject Line – Expression of Interest)

The Conference Call for parties interested in submitting a proposal was held Tuesday, April 24th.  During the conference call, Tom was asked for the following information:


Conference Attendance:

2017 Conference                            Kohler                  258

2016 Conference                            LaCrosse             253

2015 Conference                            Oshkosh              274

2014 Conference                            Milwaukee           353

2013 Conference                            Dodgeville           335


Green Masters Program Participants:

2017                     177

2016                     163

2015                     168

2014                     140

2013                     100


The text from the email to new board members:
"I wanted to follow up on your interest in a position on the Council's Board of Advisors.


As you may know, we have 12 advisers, and they are broken into 3 groups of 4 advisers each.  Each group serves a staggered 3 year term.  One group of four has their terms ending at the end of the year.


Expectations of the board include attending (either in person or by phone) 3 meetings during the year plus the annual conference.  In addition, there may be some requests for assistance or guidance that I send out occasionally throughout the year.  However, I understand that you are all very busy people, so I have not asked for much. 

All board members are asked to bring their companies into the Green Masters Program.

In addition, each board member is responsible for securing sponsorship dollars for our annual conference from their company.  The sponsorship commitment is $5,000 annually.  I would need this money in early fall to help cover pre-conference costs.  In reality, the sponsors’ money mainly goes to offset the costs of having students attend the conference and for running the Green Masters Program.

I look forward to receiving proposals next week.


Recently Asked Questions

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