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TSC (The Sustainability Consortium)

WMEP Manufacturing Solutions and Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council are members of TSC and a licensed service provider of their THESIS tool. We support manufacturers with their supplier performance assessments, developing KPIs and understanding how to leverage their participation in sustainability.

Learn more about THESIS at this link.

Do you want to learn how to meet sustainability reporting requirements from retailers, consumers and regulators, and use your survey and audit results to take action? 

Contact TSC® Trained Service Providers:

Greg Gasper or Carol Crawford (Bios below).

Here are just some of the scenarios where we can help:


  • Suppliers who must respond to Walmart or other TSC supplier sustainability surveys with KPI data and action plans – “we received a survey, now what?!”

  • Suppliers and retailers seeking assistance using TSC tools and services to enhance the services provided to the consumer goods industry.

  • Other retailers, consumer goods, or manufacturers are interested in the benefits of proactively managing sustainability by using internationally recognized benchmark data to drive their supply chain for improved operations, profitability and impact.


Why use a Trained Service Provider? 

TSC Trained Service Providers can make all the difference. TSC Trained Service Providers apply years of consumer goods industry experience and a passion for sustainability to help THESIS users achieve impact at scale.


Companies who hired TSC Trained Service Providers scored, on average, 34% higher on THESIS sustainability performance assessments than those who didn’t.​


These specially-trained professionals have years of experience helping companies address and conquer sustainability challenges.


Now’s the time to accelerate progress towards your sustainability


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Carol Crawford.png

TSC® Trained Service Providers Bios:
Gregory Gasper - Program Director, Sustainability Services Integration & Water Stewardship – WMEP Manufacturing Solutions and WSBC

Gregory brings a pragmatic approach to sustainability efforts through his previous leadership roles in a wide array of sectors including paper, food, automotive and metalworking. He is also a TSC (The Sustainability Consortium) Trained Service Provider, having participated in the inaugural training session conducted by TSC in 2017. He has vast experience providing consultative services in strategic sustainability systems development for a wide variety of organizations that report their results to TSC or other ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) reporting organizations, with specialized experience including greenhouse gas calculation, water balance development, and social accountability structure. Gregory is also an AWS Credentialed Specialist, being one of a few who have achieved the designation for all three (consultation, audit, and trainer) recognized AWS disciplines.

Carol CrawfordSustainability and Operational Excellence, WMEP

Carol is passionate about building a strong foundation of sustainability to drive excellence throughout the organization.  Carol has a diverse background, including experience in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Quality Systems across various companies, including 3M, Rockwell, Microchip Technology, and a small touchscreen electronics manufacturer. At 3M, Carol's Supply Chain team won 3M's "Pollution Prevention Pays" award for its innovative work to identify and mitigate waste in the global display glass supply chain.  Also, Carol is a trained service provider for The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) on tools and methodology to help consumer goods companies create and execute a targeted supply chain sustainability strategy that leverages their industry's unique attributes and challenges. 

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