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Sustainable Product

Innovative Service

Executive Leader 

Sustainability Champion 

*Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward


The Sustainable Business Awards recognize businesses and individuals who prioritize sustainability and are making strides towards impactful change in Wisconsin. The winners of these awards demonstrate leadership, initiative, innovation, and are making measurable improvements and positive impacts.


The awards offer the prestige of being recognized by the Wisconsin business community and serve as a platform to elevate sustainable practices in the greater community.  The Sustainable Business Awards celebrate recipients for demonstrating cutting-edge environmental, social, and governance leadership while rewarding them for being leaders in their industry and community.

Every day we are seeing a noticeable increase in awareness around global sustainability issues including climate and carbon, increased investor pressure on ESG disclosure, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join the thought leaders in advancing sustainability and being recognized for their efforts. Over the last several years awards have gained momentum. Join Sustainable Businesses Awards winners from organizations small to large, local to global including Johnson Controls, Kimberly Clark, Mercury Marine, N1 Critical Technologies, Evolution Marketing, and Just Coffee Coop.


Presented for the first time in 2014, these awards honor businesses, teams, or individuals who develop sustainable products, services, or business models. They demonstrate that financial, environmental, and social performance work together to strengthen resiliency and long-term business strength while also enhancing relationships with customers, employees, investors, and greater communities.

Award Eligibility

  • The business has its headquarters or a major facility in Wisconsin 

  • The business is a current member of the WI Sustainable Business Council. A discount will be offered to those applying at the time of the nomination.

  • The process or product you are applying for (or nominating) is within the company’s Wisconsin operations 

  • The nominee has not won an award from us within the last three years in the category in which they are applying

  • Anyone can self-nominate or nominate a business, team, or individual

  • If applying in the product category, the product must be available on the market


 ​​** 2024 Nominations
until August 16 **

Congratulations 2023 Award Winners

Sustainable Product:
Résiste® 15% PCW by Appvion

Innovative Service:
CIRRUS Low Carbon from PACE Equity

Executive Leadership:
Scott Andersen, Co-Owner & Director of Stakeholder Stewardship, Artisan Dental

Sustainability Champion:
Kevin Tubbs, Vice President and Chief Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability Officer Oshkosh Corporation

TLE Leadership Forward Award:

Jeff Thompson, MD, CEO Emeritus, Gundersen Health System

Return Applicants

Please note that we have eliminated the small and large business categories and the business or individual must be a WBSC member. There are separate application links per award and we now accept video nominations. Please read the nomination instructions carefully. PDFs of the nomination forms are provided for your preparation of the nomination submittal. 


Please email with any questions! 


What are we looking for?

We are looking to understand your sustainable impact through your nomination.  


We know that each business, product, and service are different and that creative and unique solutions to integrating sustainability are happening. We encourage any business with any product or service they consider to be sustainable to apply. Applications should include identification, and, if possible, quantification of direct and indirect benefits.


For the Sustainable Leadership Awards, think about the people who inspire you or work consistently to move sustainability forward without the recognition they deserve. Feel free to self-nominate or nominate others you feel worthy of the award! 

Please read the guidelines and application questions for each award found in the download and use the online survey to turn in nominations.


Companies may apply (or be nominated) in one, two, or all three award categories, however, can only win one award per year. Each award category has its own nomination form and we ask you to be as detailed as possible in the nomination process. 

How we Evaluate Nominations

The nominations will be divided by the award category and scored with a matrix by members of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Board of Advisors. There will be two or three award finalists per category, however, only one award winner is selected per category.

The judges are looking for projects that demonstrate impact, scalability, and innovation across Wisconsin.  There is particular emphasis on metrics that can showcase a truly innovative and leading approach to mainstreaming sustainability.  The more detailed applications, with data to demonstrate improvements and impact on sustainability performance, traditionally score higher.


Nomination Requirements

Self-nominations are encouraged and are in fact, the norm. As a membership community, we focus on highlighting the impacts our business members are having across Wisconsin. It is now required that you be a member to qualify for your entry. If you are not currently a member, you learn more HERE and can JOIN at a discounted rate to nominate. Email to get the discount details.  


Nomination forms should include a description of the sustainable product, service, or leader, and, if possible, quantification of direct and indirect benefits.  Applications are to be received solely through the online survey form, the links are provided above.   

Please review eligibility prior to submitting your application and email Jessy@wisconsinsustainability with inquiries or questions! 

Good Luck! 

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