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What is 21st Century Pathways??

21st Century Pathways is a hands-on workshop that we customize to each company to develop their sustainability strategy and priorities in a plan. The program sets priorities based on materiality and helps you design and advance your company roadmap for talent, sustainability, and profit in the 21st century.


The program is designed to strategically elevate sustainability in your organization by better aligning your strategic, organizational, and sustainability priorities and bringing them together in an impactful direction.

What does the program do for my business?

The program leads you through customized modules to educate your teams on your priority areas, supports you in developing the metrics that matter most, and supports adding value through ESG/Sustainability, helping you develop a roadmap for integration that is the right size for your organization. The process helps identify the key steps your company can take to advance your sustainability program and desired business outcomes. 

Why 21st Century Pathways?

21st Century businesses need 21st Century leadership.  Pathways participants leave the program with an enhanced understanding of the key drivers, and how they can reduce risk, increase growth potential, engage your workforce, and build long-term business success through sustainability opportunities. 

Specifically, by completing this program your organization will:

  • Develop (or reboot) your sustainability, ESG or CSR program to the right size for your business and relevant to your industry and stakeholders' needs.

  • Integrate credible sustainable practice in your business to create new and additional business value.

  • Engage your workforce in sustainability-driven innovation and value creation.

  • Move from a project-based approach to a strategic and integrated approach 

  • Deepen your understanding of the sustainability trends, risks, and opportunities available.

  • Leave with a library of resources for continued growth and development and meaningful connections

  • Identify new opportunities for cost reduction and increased resource efficiency.

  • Build sustainability credentials that enhance your sustainability competency

  • Be ready for Green Masters Program recognition.

 **Pathways is currently available as a customized program delivered directly to your organization.

Program Pricing

Pricing depends on the number of modules selected and supported needed. If you're interested in learning more, please schedule a call to talk through your needs and get a quote for pricing! 


“Overall, Pathways really helped us build our internal capacity for sustainability and increase our effectiveness in engaging and communicating with employees across our organization.” 

Laurie Klomstad, HR Director, Spectrum Industries

"The program gave us a useful framework and tons of resources to make a compelling case for sustainability. It made it so much easier to figure out how sustainability can effortlessly integrate into our organization with things we're already doing and stretch goals for what we're not."


Jessy Servi-Oritz

Managing Director, WSBC

Christa Kananen

Sustainabiity Program Manager, WSBC



Listen to an information sessions to give you more insight about the program, its benefits and if it is a good fit for your organization.  Watch a past information session to learn more below:


"We got incredible value out of this program for furthering the development of sustainability in our organization."   Anne White, LEED AP O+M, Development Executive Assistant at Wangard

"The program really exceeded my expectations. It helped us take all the things we had spinning on their own and bring them together under one umbrella and develop a cohesive strategy ."  Rob Palmberg, VP – Strategic Planning at Dairyland Power Cooperative

"The program gave us a useful framework and tons of resources to make a compelling case for sustainability. It made it so much easier to figure out how sustainability can effortlessly integrate into our organization with things we're already doing and stretch goals for what we're not."


"Our team feels more equipped to engage senior leadership about sustainability being a core value for our organization and how to gain their support of our sustainability plan."

"The transformational drivers and materiality assessments helped us better understand why we are pursuing this and what it means to us and our stakeholders."



Spectrum Industries


A Conversation with Dennis Barka, VP of Process Control, about how 21st Century Pathways supported Sustainability Development at Spectrum.

Dairyland Power Cooperative


A conversation with Rob Palmberg, VP of Public Relations and Strategy, about how 21st Century Pathways supported integrating sustainability into their annual strategic planning process, and more. 

Why the WSBC & WMEP?


The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council has helped 100s of companies learn, apply and be recognized for their organization’s sustainability efforts through their highly successful Green Masters program.


The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, has helped 100s of companies markedly improve their resource utilization and waste reduction through its Award Winning Profitable Sustainability program.


Working together these two organizations bring an unparalleled amount of talent, expertise and practical experience in the field of sustainability to guide your organization to a productive pathway to the future.

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