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Green Masters


The WI Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program seeks to recognize sustainable actions by businesses from across the state. We have defined “sustainability” through nine key areas and all participants need to have taken at least one action in each of the ten areas. By taking the online survey of their actions, companies identify their strengths while generating ideas for additional actions. In this way, the Green Masters Program is a program of continuous improvement.

The Program helps translate sustainability success into business success and gives you a way to organize and share information with your employees, supply chain, and customers. Whether your business has a sustainability program or not, the Green Masters Program is a tool that will move your organization forward in its sustainability thinking. It provides a framework for developing systems for your programming and overall engagement. To learn more listen to an informational webinar here


The Green Masters Program is a points-based program, set up to encourage continuous improvement by establishing three levels of participation: Green Apprentice, Green Professional, and Green Master. By filling out the questionnaire, companies will qualify for placement in one of the three levels. Companies scoring between 9 and 300 points will qualify at the Green Apprentice level, companies scoring over 300 points will qualify at the Green Professional level. Each December, at the WI Sustainable Business Council annual meeting, the top 20% of companies will be identified, and they will be recognized as the Green Masters companies for the following year. This year, 24 companies throughout Wisconsin were recognized as Green Masters.


We encourage you to support businesses in the Green Masters Program. To the right you will find a map of all Green Masters Program participants.

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