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Green Masters


The Green Masters Program® is a tool to define, prioritize, measure, and manage an organization’s performance in sustainability topics that are meaningful to them and their stakeholders. The virtual platform was purpose-built for organizations looking for a scalable standard for improving their performance in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact areas. The Green Masters Program® allows participants to scope their disclosure based on their unique business needs and stakeholder concerns. It is ideal for organizations looking to integrate sustainability into their business model, who recognize the value of a deliberate approach, formal framework, third-party credentials, and supporting resources.


The Green Masters Program® provides recognition as an organization grows its sustainability program, categorizing participants into four status levels that reflect the degree to which sustainability has been integrated into their business model. Scoring is based on the integration of material sustainability topics into business management systems and operational practices, implementation of best practices in material sustainability topics, and measurable improvement in key ESG performance indicators.

The Green Masters Program® Registration Mark illustrates that a participating organization has identified and is effectively managing its material sustainability issues and that its related performance is consistent with generally accepted sustainability practices and standards.

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