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Supply Chain Sustainability Engagement with the Green Masters Program

Companies are under increasing pressure - from consumers, retailers, investors, and regulatory agencies - to act on sustainability and to verify the sustainability of their products, practices, and supply base. 


Given the array of issues related to sustainability, navigating the demands can be complex and resource-intensive. 


The Green Masters Program® cuts through the complexity and helps you develop or enhance your sustainability and ESG actions, saving you time and money and helping you retain customers, find new customers, and attract and retain employees.   

WHY the Green Masters Program?  

The Green Masters Program is a cost-effective way to advance and integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) actions across your organization. ​The Green Masters® Certification Mark indicates that your organization has identified and is effectively managing material sustainability issues.

The methods, key performance indicators, and best practices found in the Green Masters tool are designed to be consistent with widely accepted international frameworks, standards, and certification programs. Participation in the program can serve as a stand-alone credential or a stepping stone to other standards, certifications, and indices.

"The Green Masters Program provides a platform for cross-functional teams to meet, exchange ideas and continue to imbed and drive ESG programming throughout your organization" - Sr. Manager of Sustainability & Environmental Compliance, Kohl's Inc.

To learn more about the Green Masters Program,

read the overview and/or information sheet by clicking the buttons below. 

Program Benefits 

WHY use the Green Masters Program with Suppliers?

The business case for sustainability is established and sustainability is good for business. The Green Masters Program supports your suppliers in getting started on their sustainability journey or helps you build off your success. The program introduces you to the tool, materiality as a process, and help you prioritize what matters most for your business.

The program is offered as a cohort, giving suppliers access to support from others and ongoing coaching from the WSBC team. By participating in the program you will set a strong foundation to build upon, helping you save time, money and resources in implementing sustainability.


Rather than continuing to fight competing priorities, gain the knowledge and skills you need to implement a strong sustainability program that will satisfy your customers and your leadership, given you an additional competitive advantage in the market place. 

Grow your Supply Chain Engagement

Let's discuss how we engage your supply chain to meet your goals! 


Jessy Servi Ortiz

Managing Director

christa new.jpg

Christa Kananen

Program Manager & Consultant

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