Cool Choices

What is Cool Choices?

Cool Choices is a gaming platform that encourages competition among teams to take sustainable actions at home and at work. It only takes a few minutes a day and is a fun and social way to share the actions you're taking to be sustainable. 

You can play with your organization or join the upcoming WSBC Member game that will start on April 19th and run for four weeks. At the end of the game, the team and individual with the most points wins a prize!

Registration for the WSBC Member game is open to any member or anyone in a member organization at to cost. You can form a team or join a team and play!


Join us to get credit for your sustainable actions and build a buzz about sustainability today. 


How Does it Work?

1. Player choose and action from the deck of cards to play and inspire sustainable actions  

Our mobile-friendly platform can increase participation in existing initiatives or identify leaders for new efforts—it all depends on what you need. *If playing outside the WSBC Member game, you can customize the deck to reinforce initiatives inside your organization. 

2. Players earn points by taking actions (cool choices) that save money and reduce GHG emissions


In less than two minutes a day, participants play via phones or computers, cheering on their team and seeing how everyone’s actions add up to big impacts. It’s fun, social, and easy to play!

3. Cool Choices delivers increased engagement, decreased costs, AND insightful data


Our clients receive impact reports that detail financial and environmental savings as well as details on the breadth and depth of engagement. We measure changes in behaviors as well as attitudes and beliefs.


Our partners build on this momentum and continue to innovate long after the program ends.

Sign up for membership to play the WSBC member game starting April 19th! 

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