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2022 Award Recipients

The Sustainable Business Awards are designed to recognize Wisconsin businesses for their efforts in developing sustainable products and processes and to recognize some of the amazing business leaders in the state. Each award recognizes both a large and small organization that has stood out in its specific category.


On November 15th, 2022, the WI Sustainable Business Council presented the 8th annual Sustainable Business Awards at the US Venture Building in Green Bay, WI. 


Many businesses play crucial roles in responding to social and environmental challenges, and WI businesses are no exception. We received fabulous and well-written applications this year, making the judges job much more difficult.


If you would like to view past winners, click here.



The 2022 winners are as follows:

Sustainable Product


Green Bay Packaging Container Board Paper

Green Bay

Manufactured at the Green Bay mill, containerboard liner and medium are the components of the corrugate shipping container (box). The use of 100% recycled fiber reduces emissions and waste and extends life expectancy of the paper fiber up to seven times. It also incorporates mixed paper, a underutilized waste stream. Overall the new mill uses 11% less energy avoiding 96,000 CO2e with its new and efficient equipment and was the first ever to achieve net-zero water certification. The circular water system
includes water recycling and reclaimed water use and has reduced impacts and increased water r
esilience for the mill product, community and the impaired Fox River adjacents to the mill since the miss has no direct river intake or discharge. Green Bay Packaging partnered with Brown County waterwater municipality for reclaimed water and a sustainable storm water design which sends onsite runoff to a regaional retention basin for 80% sediment removal. The advanced technology used to improve the durability of this product and processes allows for additional reuse, safer transportation of goods and an increased number of fiber life cycles.


Learn More About Green Bay Packaging's Sustainability

Sustainability Champion


Scott Louks, Sustainability Manager

Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac

As Mercury Marine's sustainability manager for the last 7 + years, Scott coordinates global sustainability efforts to advance strategy, operations, and culture. In this role, Scott has developed and implemented their roadmap, defining sustainability growth areas. He leads the company’s sustainability committee and reviews and recommends actions on improvement related to their four pillars of energy, environment, product, and people. He takes a wide lens of stewardship and has excelled as an inspirational leader and consensus builder. He has successfully driven
projects to meet goals, uses data and sound rationale to win over senior management, and defines the investment benefits. Scott goes above and beyond both in his personal and professional lives.

​Learn more about Mercury Marine's Sustainability

Innovative Service

Executive Leader


Printing using UV LED Curing Technology

Empire Screen Printing

Sustainability is integrated into Empire Screen Printing’s vision and environmental policy. Through their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, they continue to look for new opportunities and innovations. After an employee suggestion and three years of beta testing, they introduced the first UV LED Ink Curing technology in screen printing, changing the future of screen printing. There are zero emissions, no CFMs, no mercury bulbs, and no VOC solvent-based inks. In 2022, they removed all solvent inks from their facility to be 100% UV ink, compared to the industry standard that still uses solvent inks. They have continued to transition their production, and 90% of their print now uses UV LED curing technology, decreasing their material waste by 95%. Empire Screen Printing cares deeply for its employees, and their motivation to provide a safe working environment has driven them to create a service that is both safe and environmentally friendly, and they are committed to sharing these practices
with the industry and customers.

Chris Drees, President

Mercury MarineFond du Lac

In his over 20-year tenure with Mercury Marine, Chris Drees launched several initiatives focusing on environmental stewardship, including a 45% decrease in global energy usage, a 35% reduction in water usage, and a 58%
reduction in hazardous waste generation. These reductions came through a growth period for the organization, including product emissions reduction of 69% and 76%. Chris has consistently made sustainability a priority for the
organization, most recently focusing on renewables and zero waste facilities, in addition to supporting the development of zero direct emissions electric outboard which will be introduced in 2023. Chris has spearheaded
Mercury Suppliers Summit, dedicating sessions to sustainability. His devotion to sustainability in intrinsic in everything he does and he consistently drives above and beyond both at home and in the office.

Learn more about Chris Drees and Mercury Marine's Sustainability

Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award


2022 TLE Leadership Forward Award Winner 


LeeAnn Glover, Real Estate Director

American Family Insurance, Madison


LeeAnn Glover is the recipient of the 2022 Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award. She is known throughout the Wisconsin sustainability community as well as the Wisconsin Commercial Real Estate community. LeeAnn realized the significance of sustainability and was instrumental in focusing on becoming a sponsor and manager of the American Family Sustainability program since its 2007 inception.  She was influential in hiring the inaugural sustainability administrator at American Family in 2012.  LeeAnn was fundamental in shaping the Green Master’s Program, including her encouragement to broaden beyond environmental categories. She has been influential in co-leading with AmFam facilities leadership for championing the protection of habitat around company headquarters and is a champion of the overall AmFam sustainable land management strategy across its portfolio.  She served on the Director team as a co-sponsor of the 2019 Sustainability and Climate Action Strategy and the 2021 refresh of that strategy for the American Family Enterprise. She managed and monitored sustainability investments such as the 1.3 MW solar arrays across American Family facilities, including the 1 MW array at its national headquarters. LeeAnn has worked side by side with AmFam’s Director of Facilities to initiate sustainable impacts further.

Additionally, she volunteers as a mentor for students at the University of Wisconsin Business school, where she inspires the next generation of sustainability leaders.  For over a decade, LeeAnn has been responsible for advancing and advocating for sustainability within her professional and personal commitments. The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council is honored to acknowledge and recognize her for her dedication and achievements as the 2022 Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award recipient.

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 11.12.38 AM.png

2021 Winner: Mark McDermid, WMEP Senior Consultant Sustainability

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