Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Board of Advisors has developed a Special Award in honor of Tom Eggert's extensive contributions to the Wisconsin business community.  The Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award memorializes Tom's legacy and countless contributions to the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Community. As founder of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, Tom provided students with real-world experience while interfacing with Wisconsin businesses, large and small, to grow the adoption of sustainability strategies and practices in Wisconsin businesses. Tom’s influence on the Wisconsin business community and the resulting economic, environmental, and social impacts are immeasurable. His legacy continues to grow and expand through the work of WSBC and the thousands of students, practitioners, and business leaders he has mentored and guided over the years.   


This award recognizes individuals who have supported and contributed to growing and extending the network of resources available to the Wisconsin business community. Award recipients have in a significant way contributed to the growth of the sustainability community and in doing so have grown, expanded, and shared Tom’s legacy. The award is determined by the Advisory Board of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council and is reserved for special recognition of unique individuals who made outsize contributions with lasting impact on many in the community.


Tom has mentored, coached, and inspired many over the years. He successfully brought together the academic and business communities to build the infrastructure required to advance sustainable principles. Under Tom’s guidance students created the Green Masters’ Program, Wisconsin’s first third-party certification for businesses implementing sustainable practices. This award celebrates Thomas Eggert's tremendous contributions to our discipline, our community, and the state.


Nominations for this award are open throughout the year yet determined by WSBC Advisors during the annual awards cycle. The award will only be given out only when someone meets all the predetermined criteria outlined below and the Advisors feel there is a good fit.  


The Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award will go to someone who:

  • Develops and promotes sustainable practices and principles in the business community throughout the state, region and beyond.

  • Demonstrates thought leadership that has contributed to the design, development, and or implementation of standards, innovative tools, and/or programs that have a broad reach and impact on the business community and state economy.  

  • Multiplies efforts and outcomes by teaching, mentoring, and developing others, including students, co-workers, sustainability practitioners, and business leaders.

  • Tirelessly contributes to and facilitates access to the ever-expanding body of sustainability knowledge and best practices.

  • Directly and indirectly contributes to positive and measurable environmental, social and economic impacts across many industries and sectors.

  • Is seen or known as an influencer and leader; has integrity and widely known within the Wisconsin sustainability community. Is likely a person that comes to mind when a sustainability initiative, challenge or need arises. 

Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Awards Nominations are OPEN!


Nominations for this award are open ongoingly, however, to be considered for 2021, your nomination will have to be received on or before June 30, 2021. 

The 2021 Sustainable Business Awards are now closed. The WSBC Board is reviewing applications and winners will be announced in August. You can see example winners below or click here to view 2019 winner details.