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Supply Chain

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Managing Supply Chain Risk

This report by The Global Supply Chain Institute provides insight on the best practices in supply chain risk management including risk identification, mitigation and recommendations. For more resources on supply chain risk management, follow the links below.

Supply Chain Sustainability

This short video provides a basic introduction to supply chain sustainability, including its triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Supply chain management is a growing field which has encouraged companies to rethink their sustainability practices.

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Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Report 2018/19

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) worked with the Carbon Trust, using CDP supply chain data, to produce this report determining the impacts of the supply chain on deforestation, climate change and water security.

Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire 

Companies are increasingly encouraging their suppliers to get involved in more sustainable practices. Use this supplier self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate and manage your sustainability performance.

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For more information about supply chain sustainability practices, go to the Supply Chain Solutions Center.

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