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Energy Assessments

UWM’s Industrial Assessment Center gives FREE assessments to manufacturers and utilities in the region

In partnership with the mission of the Department of Energy (DoE), UWM’s Industrial Assessment Center (UWM IAC) helps manufacturers and utilities to increase their productivity and competitiveness by reducing energy and water consumption, enhancing cybersecurity, and adopting smart manufacturing technology. The UWM IAC conducts manufacturer and utility reviews in the following areas: energy, environmental stability, advanced manufacturing, water, and technological innovation. These technical assessments have been developed by the UWM IAC in order to make impactful scientific and technical contributions to Wisconsin’s manufacturing companies, utilities, and facilities for water, wastewater and sand, as well as help those companies enhance cybersecurity and adopt smart manufacturing technology.

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Energy Efficiency

The Simple Switch (developed by Phillips) 

This is a very useful tool for any company looking for ways to save energy. By answering the questions on this site you will discover the “energy color” of your facility and compare your facility with other facilities in your area. You will immediately receive recommendations to improve performance and cut costs.  Every company should be looking at energy consumption, if for no other reason than to save money.  Reducing energy use is often the “low hanging fruit” that many companies are looking for.

Integrating Lean Principles into Sustainability 

Lean principles, by which I mean the application of Toyota Production System (TPS) concepts about manufacturing processes and specifically including the elimination of waste and non-value-added activities, are becoming synonymous with green principles, by which I mean concepts designed to minimize a company’s impact on the environment.  This article’s focus on efficiency and the minimization of waste can be a guide to companies in how they can start linking their lean processes with their green processes, or vice versa.  What is especially appealing about this article is that recent studies, reports, and best practices are confirming that Small Medium enterprises are particularly well suited to put Lean and Green thinking to work in their strategic plans.

Energy Star

EPA and DOE program for energy efficiency in businesses; resources on products, building improvements, process improvements and new building.

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)

The DSIRE website provides a fast and convenient method for accessing information about renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and regulatory policies administered by federal and state agencies, utilities, and local organizations.


Clean Energy

Reviews of Solar Energy Companies

Since 1977, the price of solar panels has fallen by almost 90%, and in some cases, solar power is now cheaper than power from the grid. ConsumerAffairs created a guide that helps consumers determine whether or not “going solar” will work for them. Here are a few topics that are covered in the guide:

  • What are the different types of solar energy companies – and which one will meet your specific needs?

  • Going solar can be expensive, so what are your financing options?

  • Does the company offer service beyond installation?

Here are additional solar resources for your company to use


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