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2023 Award Recipients

The Sustainable Business Awards are designed to recognize Wisconsin businesses for their efforts in developing sustainable products and processes and to recognize some of the amazing business leaders in the state. Each award recognizes both a large and small organization that has stood out in its specific category.


On November 15th, 2022, the WI Sustainable Business Council presented the 8th annual Sustainable Business Awards at the US Venture Building in Green Bay, WI. 


Many businesses play crucial roles in responding to social and environmental challenges, and WI businesses are no exception. We received fabulous and well-written applications this year, making the judges job much more difficult.


If you would like to view past winners, click here.



The 2022 winners are as follows:


The Sustainable Business Awards are designed to recognize Wisconsin businesses for their efforts in developing sustainable and innovative products and services. We aim to recognize these business leaders in the state and celebrate their accomplishments. 


Businesses play crucial roles in responding to environmental and social challenges of our times, and WI businesses are no exception. Each year we receive inspiring nominations that illustrate sustainable business, innovations and business is making positive impacts in WI and beyond. 

This year we announced and celebrated the 2023 Winners on November 15th at the 9th annual Sustainable Business Awards at Findorff in Madison, WI.  The view picture from of the event, go here

If you would like to view past winners, click here.



2023 Winners


Sustainable Product
of the Year

Appvion’s Résiste® 15% PCW


Appvion’s Résiste® 15% PCW is the first recycled content direct-thermal product available to the market, and the first to use Next Generation Technology, an innovative chemistry Appvion developed to be free of phenolic-developers, making it both less resource-intensive to produce, and safer for people and aquatic environments over its lifetime.


There are two significant design innovations in Résiste®15% PCW that each, on its own, is more sustainable, and taken together have resulted in a product that has comparable performance while being better for people and the environment. The first is the use of a post-consumer pulp fiber base for the paper. For every 500 tons of Résiste®15% PCW we produce, we save the equivalent of 12,000 trees. The second important redesign is in the chemical coating that we apply to the base paper. Our Next Generation Technology has been reimagined to be completely phenol free. Historically, direct thermal paper in the industry has used some phenolic compounds in the developers. Next Generation Technology eliminates all phenoic compounds, regardless of whether they are named in emerging legislation, and approaches the formulation of the direct thermal coating from a different starting point, one that prioritizes bio-based and nature-first solutions. Every 500 tons of Résiste® 15% PCW manufactured removes 7.0 tons of phenols from use. The result is a high performance direct thermal paper that is recycled, is also recyclable, exceeds emerging consumer safety standards, and is better for people and the environment.


Innovative Service
of the Year

CIRRUS Low Carbon from PACE Equity

CIRRUS Low Carbon™ plays a pivotal role in empowering the development of green buildings, guiding the strategic decisions made by commercial real estate developers and building owners for new construction projects, renovations, and building upgrades. An unparalleled product in commercial green financing, CIRRUS Low Carbon from Milwaukee-based PACE Equity provides lower financing rates for commercial buildings that align with a low carbon design specification. Projects can earn a lower cost of capital to fund building features that result in a lower carbon output. CIRRUS Low Carbon is the only private financial product that offers a lower cost of capital for a lower carbon design, and it equips developers to secure green building verification, reduce operational costs, and improve their property value and project returns due to reduced interest rates. CIRRUS Low Carbon provides the design specification, low carbon engineering guidance, and a marketing package to promote the low carbon achievement. Eight commercial real estate developments nationwide have been CIRRUS Low Carbon verified since the product’s introduction to the market in 2022. The impact of CIRRUS Low Carbon is far-reaching, with verified properties contributing to carbon reduction in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri and Texas.

Sustainable Execuative
of the Year

Scott Andersen, 
Co-Owner & Director of Stakeholder Stewardship, Artisan Dental

Scott is an outstanding leader and sustainability is built into his DNA. He shows a lifestyle and commitment to sustainability day in and day out. He empowers his Leadership team to move the initiatives forward, while also making sure that all team members are aware of

the goals and the rationale behind the decisions. He has an open door policy for all team members to approach with ideas or concerns. He truly holds the philosophy that we embrace the diversity of our team for their perspectives.


Some of the accomplishments under Scott's leadership: A standing commitment to donate greater than 1% of annual sales to non-profits with direct financial contributions or volunteer hours. Our philanthropic donations are strategically allocated to support achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs). Artisan Dental became the United States’ first carbon-neutral general dentistry practice - Now carbon-negative. Artisan Dental created the first and only oral care products recycling program in the Dane County area. Artisan Dental is the first general dental practice in Wisconsin, second in the nation, to become a Certified B Corporation. Artisan Dental has sponsored multiple events, including the complimentary webinar "The Carbon Neutral Dental Office". Scott has spoken at numerous events and podcasts and been featured in many articles. Scott works tirelessly and from the heart as this is his passion and it has impacted all of our stakeholders in a positive way!


Sustainability Champion 
of the Year

Kevin Tubbs
Vice President and Chief Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability Officer Oshkosh Corporation

Kevin Tubbs came to Oshkosh Corporation in 2012 to develop and implement a sustainability program. Since that time, Oshkosh has become knownboth inside and outside of Wisconsin as a leader in the sustainability space. The company under Kevin's leadership established KPIs for energy and waste reduction to drive performance in areas that the organization could rally around. As a member of the USEPA's Better Plants Program, Oshkosh met their aggressive energy reduction goal two years early. As of year-end 2022, Oshkosh has reduced energy intensity by 23% and GHG intensity by 32% since 2014. The company has significantly reduced its waste to landfill and has 4 Tru Certified Zero Waste facilities, three of which are in Wisconsin. Kevin worked as a champion for a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement that Oshkosh entered into which offsets approximately 50% of Oshkosh's domestic Scope 2 emissions securing the necessary executive support. More recently, Kevin was instrumental in Oshkosh's decision to make a public commitment to establish Science Based Targets to further reduce the company's greenhouse gas emissions well into the future.


Kevin often works to engage stakeholder groups on sustainability through various forms of communication. He was one of the founding members of the Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Sustainability group often sharing Oshkosh's experiences with other companies in the Fox Valley Region. He and other members of the Oshkosh team have been frequent presenters at WSBC conferences, and the entire team typically attends to celebrate Green Masters recognition together. In 2021, Kevin was named to the inaugural list of the Purposeful 50 ESG influencers who are driving change. As his title indicates, Kevin also heads the Ethics & Compliance function at Oshkosh. Oshkosh has been named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute for the last eight years.

Thomas L. Eggert Leadership Forward Award

Jeff Thompson, MD, Executive Advisor
& CEO Emeritus Gundersen Health System

As CEO of Gundersen Health System, Dr. Thompson was the Executive Sponsor and driver behind Gundersen Health System’s sustainability effort. Dr Thompson and his team led the promotion and implementation of the concept that sustainability is both a moral and financial strategy that is good for organizations, communities, the state of Wisconsin, our country, and the world. By partnering with and teaching local and regional organizations, Gundersen became the first large health system to produce more energy from renewables than they used. While others were starting to measure, the team at Gundersen had delivered impressive results. By proving you could save money, improve the local economy, and improve health Gundersen has inspired thousands to start down this path. Dr. Thompson and his team set a goal in 2008 to become Energy Independent by 2014. Energy Independent was defined as generating more energy using clean renewable energy than what was consumed using fossil fuels for the entirety of the health system.  Gundersen achieved this goal as it recorded the first day of energy independence on October 14th, 2014.  Through this effort the system became experts at reducing energy consumption in existing facilities, renewable energy generation, and the design and construction of extraordinarily efficient new facilities including net zero health care buildings.  This type of effort was unprecedented in healthcare. 


Dr. Thompson was able to gain alignment with the board of directors and create internal engagement of employees by tying the effort to the mission of the organization and healthcare at large.  The teamwork and engagement of employees in this effort is a huge part of the Gundersen Health System culture. He created the connection between energy independence and lowering the cost of healthcare and improving the health of communities.  Using less energy, providing renewable energy to our own facilities, and selling renewable energy back to the utilities reduced expenses for the organization and created a new revenue stream that supplemented the business operations.  Additionally, the organization’s requirement for fossil fuels was greatly reduced, minimizing harmful emissions.  When Dr. Thompson stepped down as CEO of Gundersen, the organization was saving over $3 million dollars a year in energy expenses and had reduced CO2, Particulate, NOx, SOx, and mercury generation by over 80%.  Along the journey, the board and many internal stakeholders questioned why the health system wanted to continue down this path.  Dr. Thompson’s relentless commitment to this drove the organization to achieve this unprecedented sustainability performance with all the other pressing demands of a health system.  Gundersen became an icon for sustainability in the healthcare industry.  Other systems, like Kaiser Permanente, reached out to Gundersen and understand how these efforts could be achieved.  This created excitement and interest for other health systems to follow suit.  This effort also allowed Gundersen to financially give back to the community.  By purchasing renewable energy such as methane from the county landfill and wood biomass from local sawmills, Gundersen shifted energy spend from non-regional sources to local sources.  Not only did Gundersen spend less on energy, but what was spent, stayed in the community. The energy piece of sustainability was a huge part of the work, but other forms of waste reduction and re-cycling were also major initiatives

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 11.12.38 AM.png

2022 Winner: LeeAnn Glover, American Family Insurance 

2021 Winner: Mark McDermid, WMEP Senior Consultant Sustainability

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