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Profitable Sustainability℠

The Answer to Your Gridlock

Profitable Sustainability℠ is a comprehensive, proven program that cuts costs while enhancing the resource efficiency of your supply chain. Profitable Sustainability℠ bridges the intersection of sustainability and profit.

  • Improve resource utilization

  • Increase profits

  • Reduce risk

  • Reduce environmental impact

Potential Benefits from Profitable Sustainability℠ :
  • Increased profits

  • Measurable ROI

  • Improved reputation and public perception

  • Improved environmental performance and reduced environmental impact

  • Tracking and managing supplier performance using OECD standards, or required standards

  • 3-to-1 return on investment in just 5 years*

  • Average payback is 1.5 years

As a result of Profitable Sustainablity℠, your company will experience both immediate and recurring profitable sustainability outcomes with measurable ROI. You will see a transformation in your profits and an escalation in your competitiveness in a global market. * Based on 146 Profitable Sustainability℠ projects

The Big Picture -  Easy 3-Step Plan to a Brighter Future
  1. Diagnostic Meeting - We will investigate and prioritize your company’s opportunities for profitable, sustainable improvement to help increase ROI. Some common areas that are diagnosed for the most significant, sustainable gains are:

  • Operating processes and materials processes

  • Energy use and environmental impact

  • Supply chain logistics and transportation

  • Packaging

  • Prioritized Profitable SustainabilitySM project identification

   2. Assessment - Once the diagnostics have been established, we will evaluate the data and the results for feasibility using an 
       advanced cost/benefit analysis. The data will include:

  • Focused analysis of equipment, processes and practices with the greatest opportunity

  • Detailed metrics collection and calculation of carbon footprint

  • Profitable SustainabilitySM business goals and objectives defined

  • Projected ROI for identified projects

  • Created action plan

   3. Implementation - The findings from the assessment phase will drive the action plan, with assistance from the WMEP specialists and
       partners. In most companies, multiple projects are selected, prioritized and planned using a variety of factors such as:

  • Available capital

  • Return on investment

  • Ease of implementation

  • Technical expertise

  • Outside funding – leveraged investment

How involved is it?

It is easy to implement Profitable Sustainability℠. We will customize a plan for your specific corporation which will integrate with your current operations and supplier relationship management framework, making sense of existing metrics and goals.

As a result, your company will enjoy both immediate and recurring Profitable SustainabilitySM with measurable ROI.


What’s the bottom line?

Using the proven method of Profitable Sustainability℠, your supply chain can cut costs and increase profitability. This process more effectively uses resources and reduces waste while recording and reporting the OECD global standards for suppliers. 

With increased pressure from:

  • new regulations

  • suppliers

  • customer expectations

Businesses must prove that they are environmentally and socially responsible. Profitable Sustainability℠ provides a plan to reduce waste and cost while using resources efficiently and maintaining a measurable ROI. the end of our name.”

Email us to see if your company is a good fit. 

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