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Affinity Health System – Cultural Transformation in the Context of Sustainability

Affinity Health System used a three pronged approach to integrate its environmental efforts into the company’s culture focusing on Lean tools, sustainability initiatives, and research. A cross-functional team improved interdepartmental coordination and increased employee buy-in and patient satisfaction.


Berres Brothers – Ongoing Sustainability Commitment

Berres Brothers formed a Green Team to identify environmental projects with win, win outcomes. The system they use shows how doing the right things can be beneficial while protecting the environment.

Briggs & Stratton – Employee Sustainability Weeks

Case study on Briggs & Stratton’s Employee Sustainability Weeks to raise awareness among employees on a variety of sustainability topics. Since 2009, the company has held a week each year dedicated to sustainability.


Cortec Coated Products – Antiquated Equipment Replacements

Cortec replaced their coating system, switching from analog to digital. The system change reduced material costs and improved production efficiency and worker morale.


ESI – Employee Comfort

Case study on ESI’s efforts to optimize their work environment in terms of employee health and comfort. The measures in place have helped increase employee productivity, among other benefits.


Menasha Packaging – Energy Intern Benefits

Menasha Packaging hired an energy intern to conduct audits and identify future environmental projects. The intern identified a number of projects and the savings associated with those projects more than paid for his salary.


MG&E – Green Team Turns 20

Madison Gas & Electric’s Green Team marked 20 years of service in 2013. Throughout their existence, the Green Team has suggested improvements in environmental performance which go beyond compliance: focusing on reducing waste, improving recycling programs, and raising awareness and communication for corporate sustainability initiatives.

The Nelson Institute -- The Future of Work

UW-Madison's Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies hosted a webinar for Earth Day 2021 which featured discussions which highlighted emerging trends and data about the changing workforce landscape and dove into how businesses were adapting. From the lens of social sustainability, attendees heard directly from businesses showcasing actions one can take to address these trends and how to be prepared for the future of work.

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