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The Green Masters Program is an action manager for sustainability that offers assessment, recognition, benchmarking, and self certification. The Program helps translate sustainability success into business success and gives you a way to organize and share information with your employees, supply chain, and customers. Whether your business has a sustainability program or not, the Green Masters Program is a tool that will move your organization forward in its sustainability thinking. It provides a framework for developing systems for your programming and overall engagement.

Listen if you are...

  • Interested in learning about sustainability and how it adds value.

  • Interested in learning how to use the Green Masters Program as a tool for growing sustainability inside your organization.

  • A Green Masters Program administrator and looking to learn tips on gathering data or how to leverage or enhance your participation in the program.

Webinar Speakers Include: 

  • Mark (Mac) McDermid, Sustainability Consultant for WMEP/WSBC  

  • Michelle Miller, Senior Sustainability & Product Stewardship Specialist at Appvion.

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