Water Stewardship 

Water is an important resource. In the midwest, it is not the quantity that is at risk, it is the quality of our water supply. Water can pose a deep risk to your business, one that is worth exploring. 

Together WSBC/WMEP brings years of experience working on water stewardship standards, programs, and consulting with companies on water stewardship. If you looking for a water risk assessment or stewardship plan, please reach out via email to Greg Gasper for more information. 


We are also teaming up with The Water Council to bring a curriculum to aid you in developing water stewardship credentials to support your organization's water stewardship goals. 

Comprehensive Water Stewardship Training

Module 1: Principles and Foundations of Water Stewardship

Thursday, Sep 1, 2022  |  Virtual   |   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

Curriculum Includes:

  • Water Risk & The Need for Water Stewardship

  • Water Stewardship 101

  • Water & Business

  • The Water Stewardship Journey

  • Decoding the World of Water Stewardship



Module 2: Water Stewardship in Practice

Thursday, Sep 9, 2022  |  Virtual   |   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST

Curriculum Includes:

Operational Water Stewardship

  • Systems Approach

  • Site Assessment

  • Watershed Assessment

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Shared Challenge & Risks

  • Contextual Planning

  • Implementation of Actions

  • Disclosure & Reporting

Do you have the knowledge and skills required to take meaningful and credible action on water? Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of water challenges or seeking to adopt and accelerate a water stewardship approach?

The Water Council and training partner WMEP Consulting have 15+ years of collective experience working within the universe of water stewardship. We also developed the first virtual training program for the International Water Stewardship Standard and the world's first water stewardship professional credentialing program. Our Comprehensive Water Stewardship Training builds on that experience, to train sustainability professionals in everything from enterprise-level water stewardship strategy to operational best practices. Trainees will gain the knowledge and confidence to develop and implement water stewardship in their own organization or in the support of others.


Corporate / Enterprise Water Stewardship

  • Corporate / Enterprise Water Stewardship

  • Materiality & Use

  • Risk Assessment & Prioritization

  • Strategy & Policy Development

  • Targets & Goals

  • Disclosure & Reporting

Sustainable Strategy Summit Interview 

In the video below, Jessy Servi Ortiz, Managing Director of WSBC, Interviews Matt Howard, VP of Water Stewardship at The Water Council about midwest water risks and the importance of paying attention to water issues for businesses.