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Water Stewardship 

Water is an important resource. In the midwest, it is not the quantity that is at risk, it is the quality of our water supply. Water can pose a deep risk to your business, one that is worth exploring. 

Together WSBC/WMEP brings years of experience working on water stewardship standards, programs, and consulting with companies on water stewardship. If you looking for a water risk assessment or stewardship plan, please reach out via email to Greg Gasper for more information. 

WMEP has helped businesses mitigate water-related risks while simultaneously creating value from water-related opportunities and assets by using the Alliance for Water Stewardship International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS) and/or the Water Stewardship Verified (WAVE) program as strategic frameworks to help sites interested in water stewardship improve their operations both within and outside their property.

Sustainable Strategy Summit Interview 

In the video below, Jessy Servi Ortiz, Managing Director of WSBC, Interviews Matt Howard, VP of Water Stewardship at The Water Council about midwest water risks and the importance of paying attention to water issues for businesses. 

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