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Zero Waste and a Circular Economy

Zero Waste Connection

The Zero Waste Connection is a network of zero waste professionals from business, federal, state, and local programs. The site contains an information clearinghouse of resources to support programs and help professionals move their organizations toward a zero waste to landfill goal. The goals of the Network are:

  • Provide forums for zero waste professionals to share information on program development and implementation;

  • Foster innovation in zero waste programming through the exchange of ideas in real time

  • Increase the adoption of zero waste practices among practitioners; and

  • Increase awareness of zero waste opportunities and resources.

Paper Waste Calculator

The Paper Calculator is the premier tool for measuring the environmental impacts of paper and discovering the best paper choices. Use it to quantify the impacts of your paper usage, and to compare different grades and types of paper with varying amounts of recycled content.


The Paper Calculator is supported by the Environmental Paper Network, a coalition of over 100 non-profit organizations working toward the sustainable production and consumption of pulp and paper.

Why do paper choices matter?
By using less paper, increasing recycled content, and making other improvements, you can save wood, water 
and energy, and cut pollution and solid waste.


See the environmental benefits
Create an easy-to-read report to help your company, community, non-profit or other organization make better paper choices and measure the environmental results.


The Carbonfree® Partner program helps businesses calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint in an affordable way. With the goal of a clean energy future, is working towards its goal by: 

  • Providing climate change education

  • Carbon reduction and offsets

  • Public outreach

The advises both individuals and businesses to lower their carbon footprint, and they provide education on the most cost-effective ways to do so. Businesses are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint where they can and to offset the rest by investing in green power projects.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation — Circular Economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity inspiring a generation to be more sustainable by designing products in a way that allows them to be reused. This short video features multiple "redesigners" who are a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation who are creating products that focus on using a circular economy tactic. This tactic ultimately limits waste and maximizes the life of materials.

WasteCap Resource Solutions, Inc.

"WasteCap is an industry-supported nonprofit organization that provides waste reduction and recycling assistance to businesses. WasteCap assists and encourages organizations to effectively drive costs out of their operations through improved solid waste management practices. They offer waste reduction fee-for-service consulting assistance to help your organization transform waste into resources."

Ellen MacArthur Foundation.JPG
Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 12.42.04

Sustainable Food Pledge

This pledge establishes commitment to upholding a low-carbon food standard at environmental conferences and events. By taking this pledge, these events agree to:

  • Serve only vegetarian food, with a preference for 100% plant-based food

  • Give preference to organic, fair trade, and locally-sourced food 

  • Limit food waste, and donate or compost leftover food 

TRUE Certification Program

The TRUE certification program enables facilities to define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals, cutting their carbon footprint and supporting public health. TRUE is a whole systems approach aimed at changing how materials flow through society, resulting in no waste. TRUE encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused.

TRUE promotes processes that consider the entire lifecycle of products used within a facility. With TRUE, your facility can demonstrate to the world what you’re doing to minimize your waste output.

Click here to see how to start an office recycling program!

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