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Community & Educational Outreach

Edgewood – Kitchen Garden

Case study of Green Tier participant Edgewood College’s kitchen garden that supplies Phil’s Cafeteria and supports their local food initiative. Includes discussion of crop selection, labor, and food storage.


Edgewood – Local Food

Case study of Edgewood College’s work with Sysco Food Services – Baraboo to increase the amount of Wisconsin-grown and –processed food served in Phil’s Cafeteria at Edgewood. Forty percent of the cafeteria’s food is now locally sourced, and Edgewood saves money by buying vegetables in-season. Sysco developed a Hometown Harvest program to help other customers use local food.

Kohl’s – Educational Outreach

Kohl’s found that a large part of their environmental footprint is attributable to their supply chain. They seek to encourage suppliers to embrace sustainability through stewardship of natural resources. They encouraged their suppliers to identify and adopt actions that would minimize their impact upon the environment. An open sustainability dialog incorporates risk mitigation, cost reduction, innovation and branding.


Wal-Mart – Developing a Personal Sustainability Project

In 2005, Wal-Mart committed to 3 environmental sustainability goals: to create zero waste; to be supplied 100% by renewable energy; and to sell products that sustain people and the environment. To compliment these 3 corporate goals, Wal-Mart developed the Personal Sustainability Project (PSP) to help its associates understand the principles of sustainability and incorporate sustainability into their personal lives. The challenge was to develop and launch a program that would get as many Wal-Mart associates as possible to understand and embrace sustainability by incorporating small changes into their lives that together would make a positive impact on their health, their community and their environment. (more)

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