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Come Meet the Team!

Four University of Wisconsin-Madison students have been hard at work planning the 2017 Wisconsin Sustainable Business Conference. From planning the day, to coordinating breakout sessions and promoting the conference, we have been involved in creating a successful event. This year’s student organizers are excited to share a little about themselves and what motivated them to join the conference team.


Hannah DePorter is a senior at UW-Madison studying Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies. She is currently in the process of applying to law school to study environmental law in order to work on and enact change in environmental policy. Hannah became interested in learning about sustainability and the environment after taking a class freshman year called, “Sustainability From a Non-Humanistic Perspective”. She is excited to be on the conference team to network with business professionals along with gaining experience in the non-profit world. In her free time she enjoys cooking and hiking with her black labrador, Finn.

Yukiko Ikeda is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Environmental Science with a Certificate in Business. She grew up in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin enjoying life on the many lakes of the Lake Country area. She became aware of the importance of sustainability in middle school, when she did a small research project on e-waste being sent to southern Asia. From that young age, she knew that business played a big role in securing resources for future generations. After she finishes school, she would like to go into business to help streamline supply chains or divert waste streams.

Richard Udell, of La Crosse, WI, is a 5th year senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In May 2018 he will graduate with degrees in Environmental Studies and Geoscience and with certificates in Entrepreneurship and Science & Technology Studies. Richard’s passion for sustainability was inspired by the efficiency he observed in nature through coursework he completed in field science. In 2015, he studied tropical ecology in Ecuador and he has completed 10 weeks of field geology coursework in Wisconsin, Ontario, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho. In his 5th year at UW, Richard works to integrate his understanding of environmental cycles and sustainability with his belief in the power and responsibility of business. He is eager to help facilitate collaboration and sustainability within Wisconsin’s innovative and inspiring business community. Richard aspires to carry his values through his career and help businesses integrate social entrepreneurship.

Lauren Summers is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism & Mass Communications pursuing a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. She is also working towards a degree in Entrepreneurship. During her junior year of high school she attended a semester school called The Conserve School, which educates students on environmental action and stewardship. This experience inspired her interest in sustainability. After college, she wishes to work in public relations in a job that combines her love of writing with her love of the environment.


We look forward to meeting you all in December!


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