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Countdown to Sustainability Recognition: 2023 Green Masters Program® Submission Deadline is 9/30

A New Dawn for Sustainable Leadership

For nearly fifteen years, the Green Masters Program® has been a staple for Wisconsin businesses looking to demonstrate and enhance their sustainability performance. As sustainability has evolved into a strategic imperative for companies of all sizes and industries, the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC) recognized the need for the Green Masters Program to evolve as well, in order to continue to serve businesses in their pursuit of meaningful environmental, social, and governance (ESG) actions. To that end, the program underwent a comprehensive update and was re-released on an all-new online platform in April 2023. The updated program is a holistic framework that rewards participants' dedication and progress in embedding sustainability within their operations, implementing best practices in sustainable operations, and improving performance over time.

The Green Masters Program provides recognition as participants mature in their management of material sustainability topics, categorizing participants into four status levels that reflect the degree to which sustainability has been integrated into their business model.

Sustainability Maturity Levels
Green Masters Program Status Levels Defined

While this approach to Green Masters Program recognition is a significant change from prior years, in which just the top 20% of scorers achieved ‘Green Master’ designation, WSBC is excited to see participants rise to the challenge in their ongoing pursuit of sustainability excellence. As sustainability has become a key differentiator for companies, Green Master status offers a layer of distinction that sets apart those who excel in their sustainability journey. In addition to the venerable distinction of ‘Green Master,’ the program offers a scalable standard for those getting started in sustainability, providing an onramp and roadmap for the journey to excellence in sustainability, with recognition of achievement at each stage of the journey.

Elevating Sustainability: Celebrating Achievements through the Green Masters Program®

Logo is used by participants to let others know they are working on sustainability
Green Masters Program Logo

WSBC members who submit their assessment between May 1 and September 30, 2023, and opt for public sharing of their status, are eligible for formal status recognition from WSBC, during the annual WSBC Conference at TruStage in Madison on November 16, 2023.

Green Masters Program recognition is a testament to a company's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. For those outside the WSBC member network or operating beyond Wisconsin, the program remains open, allowing participants to leverage the Green Masters Program logo as a sign of their involvement. However, the distinction of an organization’s achievement status being formally recognized by WSBC is an exclusive benefit to member companies.

# of Priorities Needed to Reach that Status Level

Strategic Alignment and Comprehensive Review

The WSBC's dedication to integrity and credibility is reflected in the Green Masters Program recognition process. Submitted assessments will undergo review to ensure alignment with program guidance and best practices in sustainability disclosure. This review process ensures that the number of sustainability topics addressed corresponds to the status level sought by the participant. Moreover, the recognition process respects the scope of disclosure; whether a participant focuses on a specific facility or implements changes company-wide, recognition will align with the breadth of their disclosure.

Embrace the Challenge, Strive for Excellence

Green Masters Program status is more than a badge of honor—it's a reflection of a company's dedication to better business practices, commitment to improved performance, and contribution to a more sustainable future. As the business world continues to evolve, the Green Masters Program stands as a beacon for those who are willing to go beyond the conventional and make a lasting impact.

To those who have achieved recognition through the Green Masters Program in the past, recognition under the updated assessment process presents a challenge, an inspiration, and a celebration of your dedication. Whether you are a long-time alumnus of the program or new to the challenge, we invite you to embrace sustainability and let your actions resonate as a model for responsible business practices.

For more information on the Green Masters Program, reach WSBC at

Your journey to recognition starts now!

To learn more about the Green Masters Program go to:

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