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A framework to define, prioritize, manage, and improve a company's sustainability performance.

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC) announced the release of an updated version of its Green Masters Program. The newly updated tool provides businesses with the resources to identify and manage their most critical sustainability challenges. The redesign reflects key learnings from the program, now in its 15th year, as well as the changing landscape around sustainability.

“Today, the business case for sustainability is well established and there are benefits across the value chain—from cost reduction to employee engagement and retention to staying on top of regulatory requirements,” said WSBC Managing Director Jessy Servi Ortiz. “Companies are actively seeking resources to support them on their sustainability journey. With Green Masters, they get a fantastic tool, plus a support system to back it up.”

Updates to the Green Masters tool include the following:

A focus on materiality. The original Green Masters required participants to score their sustainability efforts across nine set categories. The new version includes a unique materiality assessment that allows the business to identify, focus on and pursue the sustainability topics that are most critical to their credibility and operational integrity.

  • A broadened scope. This update makes the tool useful for a wider range of business and industry categories.

  • A dynamic, user-friendly, self-service platform. The original program required participants to fill out an extensive checklist each year. With the updated tool, all content is saved on the platform, and users only need to update information when their performance or priorities change, or when additional questions are added to the tool.

  • Implementation flexibility. While the first version of Green Masters could only be implemented on a company-wide basis and only at Wisconsin-based locations, the new platform can be used outside Wisconsin and implemented at a single facility, multiple facilities or corporate-wide,. “Manufacturers can scale their initiatives at the pace that works for them,” said Servi Ortiz.

  • Updated scoring and four status levels. Scoring for the initial version was based on a multiplier of an action’s difficulty and impact. The new three-pronged scoring method reflects a company’s ability to 1. Integrate sustainability into business management systems and operational practices, 2. Implement best practices across material sustainability topics and 3. Show measurable advances in key environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions. “Continuous improvement is a key element of the Green Masters Program,” said Servi Ortiz.

Two things haven’t changed with the updated platform: The power of networking and the ability to partner with WMEP when companies need additional support. “The Green Masters Program can stand completely on its own—it’s the perfect tool for companies that are comfortable managing their own sustainability journey,” said Servi Ortiz. “But if you’d like help getting started or want to tap into a network of your peers, WMEP and the WSBC network are there to support you, every step of the way.”


The WI Sustainable Business Council (WSBC) is a member organization dedicated to advancing sustainable principles and practices forward through the power of business. With a focus on collaboration and education, WSBC empowers companies and sustainability professionals to enhance their sustainability outcomes, measure progress and drive positive impacts.

Whether a company is just starting to explore sustainability or is already deeply committed to sustainable practices, WSBC meets them where they are and provides the necessary resources, expertise, and connections to help them succeed. For over 16 years, WSBC has been at the forefront of bringing businesses together to tackle sustainability challenges. By fostering a collaborative environment, WSBC encourages knowledge sharing, innovative thinking, and the development of best practices. Through this collective effort, WSBC helps businesses integrate sustainability into their strategies, unlocking greater profitability and positively impacting the environment and society.

WSBC operates as an affiliate of WMEP Manufacturing Solutions, a well-established organization focused on helping manufacturers succeed in Wisconsin. This affiliation strengthens WSBC’s ability to support sustainable practices within the manufacturing sector, a key driver of the state’s economy.

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