Women in Sustainability, Benchmarking Sustainability Performance, and Food and Employee Wellness

We are a month away from the 11th annual Wisconsin Sustainable Business Conference, hosted at the iconic Monona Terrace Community and Conference Center. We are excited to offer 12 unique breakout sessions, that will allow attendees to gain further insight into the specifics of sustainable business practices. Each session will consist of individual presentations from panel members which will last roughly 30 minutes. After, we will open the sessions up to hear the questions that you want answered. The following sessions are filled with innovative individuals who are doing all they can to move business "Sustainably Forward."


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Women in Sustainability: The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility

As sustainability became an issue that more and more businesses addressed, women came to dominate the decision-making roles in the field. This session will highlight the shift that has happened from the perspective of women working in sustainability that are representing different generations in the workforce.

Kayla Buszka - Hanging Gardens

Kayla graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2015. She has worked in the field of Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management for over three years and serves as the Co-Chair of the US Green Building Council’s Emerging Professionals Committee in her free time. She also assists as a volunteer event planner with Women in Sustainability, a group housed within the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. Kayla has spoken at international tradeshows on the topics of green infrastructure for stormwater management, development of women in the workforce, and sustainability in action. In Fall 2017 she delivered her first Ted Talk on the topic of freshwater as a shared resource and, as humans, our undeniable responsibility to its stewardship. It has been hard to keep her quiet since

Chris Schultz-Buechner - WECC

As a talented leader, strategist, and communicator well-versed in several areas of the organization, Chris currently oversees WECC’s internal and external marketing and communications activities. In addition to leading high-visibility initiatives such as corporate branding, websites, and annual reports, Chris guides a diverse team to develop innovative, award-winning energy efficiency marketing campaigns for clients in 14 U.S. states.A driving force at WECC for 15 years, Chris has played instrumental roles in directing operations, proposal development, behavioral program design, and more. She led a revamp of the organization’s RFP response process, which led to improved resource efficiencies and success rates.

Leah Steinberg - Evolution Marketing

Leah Steinberg is a recent University of Wisconsin, Madison graduate, with a degree in political science and certificate in environmental studies from the Nelson Institute. She joined the Evolution Marketing team as an intern in March 2018 and recently became a Marketing Associate for Evolution Marketing in October 2018. During Leah’s internship, she was responsible for project managing Evolution Marketing’s independent third-party certification programs for sustainability (certified B Corp, Wisconsin Green Master’s Program), communication and outreach engagement, and assisting in telling the Evolution Marketing story of sustainability through innovative brand messaging. As a Marketing Associate, Leah is now responsible for interacting with Evolution Marketing clients to help tell their respective sustainability stories. Her roles include assisting clients with strategic marketing and communications, social media planning/engagement and event planning/management services.

Moderated By: Lindsey Jacques

Lindsey Jacques is from Appleton, Wisconsin and is a senior at UW Madison majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies. After graduating, Lindsey is planning on going to law school, and is currently thinking of practicing environmental, food, or business law. In of her areas of interest, sustainability is a large factor for later development, and she believes sustainability will be a pivotal factor for maintaining growth and prosperity in the future. She would like to see widespread environmental and social practices implemented into our culture to improve the long term common good, and thinks businesses play a key role in creating a demand for these practices to become standardized. In the future, Lindsey feels integrating sustainable practices into business models will be mandatory for businesses to remain competitive.


Benchmarking Sustainability Performance

You may have found that there is a lot of interest in measuring and assessing your sustainability performance. But, often, the needs of one set of stakeholders are quite different from another. This session aims to address and identify best practices in benchmarking so as to meet the needs and expectations of your stakeholders. You will be hearing from Brenda Kubasik from MG&E, John Mourand from Briggs and Straton, and Mark Alan from Inpro. They will discuss how their companies have benchmarked their sustainability performance and how their choices of metrics have been shaped by their communication strategies.

Brenda Kubasik - MG&E

Brenda Kubasik is a Senior Environmental Specialist at Madison Gas and Electric (MGE). MGE was the first utility in Wisconsin to be recognized as a Green Master in 2014 from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. Brenda will be talking about how MGE participates with other utilities around the country in benchmarking for priority metrics. She received her Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a Professional Engineer in Wisconsin.

Mark Alan - Inpro

Mark has 22 years of experience as a senior leader in General Management serving the last 12 years as the Senior Vice President of Product Management and Development at Inpro. He oversees product sustainability and compliance and has led the company’s efforts toward disclosing both Environmental and Health product declarations. He is a graduate of Cardinal Stritch and is a LEED Green Associate.

John Mourand - Briggs & Stratton

John Mourand is the Corporate Director of Environmental & Product Safety Compliance and Sustainability for Briggs & Stratton Corporation. In his role, he is responsible for global environmental compliance, energy and natural resource management, product safety compliance, due diligence activities, and public reporting on the corporation’s environmental and sustainability performance. He received his BS and MS degrees in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University and has 20+ years of environmental and operational management experience.