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Green Masters Program Impact with Bounce Milwaukee

Interview with Owners Becky and Ryan Clancy

Company Profile:

Bounce Milwaukee is a family-owned entertainment center in Milwaukee, WI. Born out of the desire to serve children and families, they run a bar and restaurant along with bounce houses, ax throwing, laser tag, rock climbing, and much more. They are a small business with about 24 employees and are a dedicated member of the Milwaukee community. They are also a proud Green Masters Program participant since 2015.

Why Sustainability

Owners Becky and Ryan Clancy pride themselves on being sustainable and founded their business on sustainability principles. They demonstrate care for their employees and the environment by how they operate and serve the community. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, they also take social action. In 2020 they opened their facilities to be a mutual aid center during the pandemic.

Green Masters Program Impact

The Green Masters Program has long been an essential piece of Bounce operations and they have earned Green Master level recognition three times. Ryan says the program offers an unmatched opportunity to understand best practices, learn about new resources, and build all-around awareness of sustainability. On a more tangible level, it helps them to track metrics from year to year and engage their staff on topics around sustainability. It also educates them on new actions, affiliations, and certifications they can take to improve their sustainability impact.

Bounce has installed solar panels that allow them to no longer pay electricity bills in the summer, and the electricity bills are nominal for the rest of the year. Additionally, their company fleet is electric which saves them thousands of dollars in fuel per year and reduces maintenance costs.

Sustainability Program Highlights

  • Solar-powered pizza. They operate the world’s first “solar-powered pizza”. The pizza is made in a top-of-the-line efficiency oven powered by solar panels and is delivered in an electric vehicle that is also charged through solar power.

  • EV chargers on property, offering incentives for customers who ride electric or bike to their facilities.

  • “Smart” facilities. They operate on 40% solar-powered, and they take extra steps towards resource efficiency across operations.

  • Promote and pay fair wages to employees and work with legislators on creating pathways for other employers to do the same.

  • Extensive waste recovery program includes composting in back and front of the house operations.

  • Locally sourced supplies and ingredients wherever possible.

Clancy concludes “we appreciate using the Green Masters Program to track our progress, see how we compare against others, and get recognition for efforts we are taking to make our business and community more sustainable”. They are excited to continue using the Green Masters Program as a tool toward a more sustainable future.

For more information and to start your application, head over to

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