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Want to make Cool Choices, increasing your sustainable actions this April?

Cool Choices is a fun, game-based platform that inspires you to adopt sustainable actions and share and celebrate those actions with others, creating a culture where sustainability is our new normal.

WSBC's members play together each April to celebrate Earth Month!

From April 4 to 29, each day, players can choose actions to take —like recycling an old electronic device, researching the cost of solar panels for your home/office, or composting your kitchen scraps. You then receive points based on the actions you take. Players can cheer on their teammates, post photos of their efforts, or nudge other players to act. The interactive game platform is accessible via browser through computer or phone.

At the end of the game, participants receive a report detailing their financial and environmental impacts, illustrating where teams can continue improving actions for more sustainable results. Many members build off this momentum and continue to innovate long after the program ends.

So, why should you join us? Here is what past participants have to say:

"I loved the structure and consideration Cool Choices brought to my daily routines. It made me feel united with my community in our incremental actions toward sustainability. I learned how small changes can make a big impact, especially when done with other people!" -Bri D.

"I really enjoyed participating in cool choices with my team. Playing as part of a community helped to hold me accountable and truly participate in making cool choices. While playing we started composting and using a rain barrel in my household and we continue doing so. Such a great experience!" Pat H.

"I loved how interactive the Cool Choices platform was. We had team accountability and collaboration while also being competitive with other teams in the process. The lifestyle change I noticed the most because of playing is not letting my car idle. Whenever my car idles for more than a couple of minutes, I think, "that's not a very cool choice" and shut it off. That was a card I played last year a few times, and the habit stuck. I am so excited to play again this year!" -Haley N.

We are excited for more healthy competition this year!

To join the Cool Choices fun this April, become a member today! WSBC membership benefits include exclusive access to our resource center, free webinars, discounted tickets to our annual conference, member networking events, and more. You can learn more about membership HERE or JOIN NOW.

Already a member? Cool Choices registration will open in March, stay tuned for your link!

*Nonmembers can also play Cool Choices in their organization. To learn more or get a quote, reach out to

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