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Announcing the Sustainable Leadership Series

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC) is returning with another interview series this summer, called the Sustainable Leadership Series. Building off of the momentum from last year’s summit, Managing Director Jessy Servi Ortiz will be interviewing Wisconsin leaders to learn what sustainability strategies are top of mind, how their organizations are advancing sustainable initiatives in their communities and about what leadership tips they have for advancing sustainable systems across Wisconsin.

In July, the interview series will air in support of business leaders and sustainability professionals in advancing and influencing sustainable change. Topics will include Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), what’s happening at our regional level in Green Building, the state of renewable energy in Wisconsin, the role that businesses play in creating change, and more.

Interviews will discuss interviewees’ work, how they influence change, what strategies are working, and any advice they have listeners in advancing sustainable outcomes. Interviews will be available for viewing or listening from a link sent to your email. The event is free with registration.

This series is meant to inform listeners what is going on across Wisconsin and inspire you to be better influencers for sustainable change. We want to inspire you to breakthrough your leadership barriers and improve your impact.

Organizations a part of the Summit include:

Are you ready to break through your leadership barriers and improve your impact?Join the fun at

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