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Meet our 2018 Conference Planning Team!

This year, the 2018 Sustainable Business Conference is being planned by five UW-Madison students, all of which have different majors, ideas, and interests. However, we are all united under the common goal of promoting sustainable business practices. Our team is responsible for facilitating breakout sessions, promoting the conference, and coordinating the event on December 13th, 2018. Our team is dedicated to a sustainable future, and is excited to share why sustainability is so important.


Lindsey Jacques is from Appleton, Wisconsin and is a senior at UW Madison majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies. After graduating, Lindsey is planning on going to law school, and is currently thinking of practicing environmental, food, or business law. In of her areas of interest, sustainability is a large factor for later development, and she believes sustainability will be a pivotal factor for maintaining growth and prosperity in the future. She would like to see widespread environmental and social practices implemented into our culture to improve the long term common good, and thinks businesses play a key role in creating a demand for these practices to become standardized. In the future, Lindsey feels integrating sustainable practices into business models will be mandatory for businesses to remain competitive.

Harrison Rayment is currently a Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. Harrison grew up in Madison Wisconsin, so it was an easy decision for him to attend the University of Wisconsin. After he graduates this upcoming spring, Harrison is looking to attend law school to pursue a degree in Environmental Law. Harrison believes that the most important issues that we currently face can be diminished by acting more sustainably. Harrison argues that for our society to become more sustainable, business and governing bodies must put forth sustainable agendas. He believes that businesses have the greatest opportunity to change consumer habits, while also cutting costs within their own production.

Natalia Kaminski is an undergraduate student working towards degrees in International Studies, Environmental Studies, and Global Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Growing up in a Polish household in Bronxville, New York, she has been exposed to a variety of cross-cultural experiences that have inspired her to learn more about issues around sustainability at home and abroad. After graduation, Natalia would like to conduct microfinance research in Southeast Asia in order to cultivate a better understanding of alternative business models in various parts of the world. She believes that businesses, both small and large, are the agents of sustainable change and looks forward to a future where sustainability drives competitiveness across different sectors.

Taylor Weiss is a Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Economics and Environmental Studies. She attributes her passion for the environment to the many years spent at summer camp where she was living on a lake, camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Taylor knew she wanted to pursue a career in sustainable business practices after taking a course called “Challenges & Solutions in Business Sustainability.” Throughout Taylor’s education she has recognized the part business has to play in order to ensure stability for future generations. After graduation this upcoming Spring she plans to return home to New York where she hopes integrate her two majors by working on sustainability teams within big business.

Alexis Steuart, grew up in Waunakee, Wisconsin and was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is pursuing degrees in Community and Environmental Sociology and Environmental Studies. From an early age the outdoors was a way of life for her, from attending youth camps in the Tetons, to backpacking with her family. When she first arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison she enrolled in a business sustainability course and discovered her love for sustainability because it combined her interests in communities, the environment, and business. After graduation Alexis aspires to pursue employment that allows her to learn more about business and its’ intersections with the environment and social networks.


We look forward to meeting you all on December 13th!


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