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WSBC Invites You To Join The Sustainability Strategy Summit

Author Jessica Stoll, WSBC Member Coordinator and Marquette Trinity Fellow

A common challenge I hear related to sustainability is that creating long-lasting change is challenging. After all, getting buy-in and influencing others is an uphill battle. Can you relate? Are you looking for ways to break through these barriers? Do you want to hear what Sustainability leaders across Wisconsin are doing to pioneer change? If yes, then I am excited to share that we’ve created an online interview summit to support you and inspire change!

From July 19th through 30th, WSBC will be airing a series called the Sustainability Strategy Summit. Our Managing Director, Jessy Seri Ortiz, has an incredible lineup of Wisconsin sustainability leaders ready to share how they influence and manage change. Each of the leaders will share their work in sustainability, how they strengthen their impact, and what advice they have for you.

These interviews will discuss key drivers and sustainability strategies, including how you can be a better influencer and how you can deepen your knowledge to build a sustainable future. Our lineup of speakers come from organizations like the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, The Water Council, the University of Wisconsin, and WSBC’s Board of Directors businesses.

Join us to break through your barriers, improve your impact, and pioneer the change you want to see!

Sign up with your email address at You do not want to miss this free transformational summit! See you there!

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